Introduction of GanoFarm Sdn. Bhd.

We have been involved in the mushroom business for more than 25 years. Our company is now one of the leading companies in the cultivation, production, and marketing of fresh mushrooms in Malaysia.  Working together with most of the country’s hypermarkets and supermarkets, our brands are desired by retailers and enjoyed by consumers.

Our History of more than 25 years

1980 – Established Vita Mushroom Enterprise.

1997 – Progressed to the incorporation of Vita Agrotech Sdn. Bhd. with 40 farm houses to conduct research on the cultivation of Grey Oyster and White Oyster.  Since then, we have been supplying fresh mushrooms to most of the multi-national retailers in the country.

2006 – Ventured into Ganofarm Homestay, one of its kind in Malaysia, where our products and services are integrated under one organisation.  We were the first mushroom farm to implement health-tourism and agro-tourism where we could educate the public on the benefits of mushrooms as health food.

2007 – Proceeded to the incorporated of Ganofarm Sdn. Bhd. to focus on developing nutraceutical products based on medicinal mushrooms.  We also began cultivating and processing medicinal mushrooms into food supplements to improve production and services as well as to develop our business.

2013 – Established Ganofarm R&D Sdn. Bhd. to mainly focus on the research and development of products in biotechnology.  Thus, we maintain a strong commitment to the scientific development of medicinal mushrooms to boost human immune systems as well as to generate other health benefits from mushrooms.

2017 – Founded Grusonn Wellness to focus on communicating, marketing, and distributing mushroom-based nutraceutical products as well as health-tourism and agro-tourism for GanoFarm Homestay.


Committed to Science

Ganofarm maintains a strong commitment to the science of fortifying the human immune system by using medicinal mushrooms.  Furthermore, we operate a full-scale research laboratory and collaborate with major Malaysian universities to explore the unique health benefits of mushrooms as well as develop innovative mushroom-based nutraceutical products.  Our corporation has also collaborated with the Agriculture Department of Malaysia along with the researchers and post-graduates of local universities for the research and development of mushrooms.  We have also assisted in the training of their undergraduate students and new growers in mushroom cultivation. Our visitors range from local and foreign individuals, families, tour groups, students from primary and secondary schools, universities and research institutions, mushroom growers, and established researchers.


Committed to Consumer Education

We are committed to helping health practitioners and customers selectively pick the most effective mushroom-based supplements for the optimal health of their immune systems.  Ganofarm is always prepared to share, educate, and raise public awareness on all areas of healthcare through public workshops, seminars, and social media.

In order to produce more innovative mushroom-based nutraceutical products from edible and medicinal mushrooms, we have established a product development unit, a sampling counter, and a sales gallery in our main farm to communicate and promote the health benefits of mushrooms among guests.  We readily share, interact, and discuss all matters pertaining to mushrooms with our guests, consumers, and business partners, and we are receptive to continuous improvement.