Grusonn Wellness

Grusonn Wellness is the marketing and distribution arm of GanoFarm Sdn, Bhd. focusing on communicating and supplying mushroom-based nutraceutical products.

Grusonn Wellness also help health practitioners and customers in selectively pick the most effective mushroom-based supplements for the optimal health of their immune systems. Furthermore, we promote health-tourism and agro-tourism for GanoFarm Homestay through activities such as arranging tour packages.

We are always prepared to share, educate, and raise public awareness on all areas of healthcare through public workshops, seminars, and social media.  In implementing this aspect of our vision and mission statement, we have set up a showroom with a café, Grusonn Wellness Café, in Puchong, Selangor.  In the café, patrons could dine on delicious mushroom dishes and access information on all mushroom-based products.