Skin Allergy or Eczema

Mr. Chia Cheng Liang has skin eczema since September 2004 and treated with antibiotic and steroid until the day 1st Aug 2006 he came to us. Since he applies GanoFarm Healing Therapy, skin irritation, scratching wound and scar is greatly reduce. He was recovering very fast from day to day.

Mr. Chia Cheng Liang

Wound Healing for Diabetic

Mr. Chong Ka is a diabetic, his infected wound is about 3 months and difficult to heal. After applying Ganofarm Healing Therapy on 20th Jul 2006 his wound has fast healing and recover completely after 5th day by the application.

Mr. Chong Ka

Charred Skin

I was unfortunately burnt by stainless steel steamer while carrying out duty on 6th Jun 2006. After applying the GanoFarm Lingzhi Powder on the affected part of my hand, the effectiveness of Lingzhi powder has sped up the recovery of the injury could be witnessed soon after the second day. My burnt wound has recovered completely after 10 days without a scar.

Mr. Bu Van Ty